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Variable LPF Variable LPF (low-pass filter) allows for adjustable frequency between 40 Hz to 500 Hz and greater car audio system flexibility according to subwoofer characteristics and personal listening preferences. Higher Power Having more power isn’t just about LOUD. It’s also about CLEAN, getting the most out of your speakers and your music. The GM-A5602’s speaker level inputs allow you to connect your OEM unit (or any unit that doesn’t have the typical RCA-type inputs) without having to buy add-on adapters. SO, the install goes faster, you save money, and you’ve got a Pioneer amp in your vehicle. Constant road noise makes it hard for the music to be heard clearly. Also, don’t let their thin size make you think they can be placed near a wall and still sound good. Dynamic speakers are the most popular design of speakers in the audiophile and home theater markets. 2.2 Electrostatic SpeakersElectrostatic Speaker designs use a high voltage electrical field to drive a thin membrane between two perforated conductive plates called stators.

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