Инструкция siemens gigaset a160 duo

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The last incoming call is displayed. s Select entry. OK Using the calls list Û ¢ Select an entry (see above)¢ MENU. The following functions are available: DELETE Delete an individual number COPY TO DIR Store a number in the directory. The selected character is high- 5 unused lighted. Precondition: The Listening in function must be activated. Page 46 Using multiple handsets Ending a call Call waiting Press the end call key a. Many Telecommunication providers in Australia and New Zealand offer a Transferring a call to another Call waiting service on your Home handset/internal consultation Phone Line. Explain their contents to your children, and the potential hazards associated with using the telephone. $ u MENU Safety precautions W t Open the last number redial list (page 3). Open the calls or network mailbox list (page 4). Open the list of registered handsets (page 5). Open main menu/submenu. Anonymous Blocking and Range Blocking features can often be the double-whammy which throws telemarketers out of your phone receive for good, and with the help of Blacklists and Night Mode you can make sure you never have to take an unwanted call at off-hours or from an undesirable person.

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