Инструкция whirlpool awm-8125

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But if the washing machine appears to otherwise work OK and the laundry comes out clean it may not have a fault (there are exceptions to this explained later). The water is only hot inside the washing machine for a small amount of time during a wash. Спасибо, Ваша заявка принята Мастер свяжется с Вами в ближайшие 10 минут,либо сразу как освободится. Ironically it’s unlikely to be caused by the heater on machines designed to give error codes because they should easily detect a faulty heater and give the code. In such cases an engineer would be needed to sort it out. Clearly the heater wiring should be checked first for any broken wires or dodgy connections. Whirlpool (Australia) Pty LimitedPart No. SM3024 A. B. N. 28 003 578 023.

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