Mitsubishi heavy industries ltd пульт инструкция

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The Off time (hour) lights up and the Off time (hour) is decided. 15. Press the SELECT ( or ) button or a GROUP No. button to set the Off time (minute). 16. Press the SET button. When the power is recovered after a power failure for more than 48 hours, the display becomes “—:—”, so please reset the time and date. Ê – 34 – Z Emergency stop (The operations depend on the jumper line setting. Ken Onishi has been involved with a number of remote control robots for work in nuclear power plants. Режим сна Sleep (режим сверхтихой работы кондиционера). Подсветка кнопок ПДУ. Авторестарт. Operating the central control under such conditions may lead to failure, electric shock and/or fire.

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