Hk audio performer инструкция

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Choose a product and/or a product series and click search.If you are looking for a special type of document (e.g. manuals), please choose additionaly the document type. One column may comprise up to four mid/ high units, which are quickly and reliably connected via E-Connect. Weight 2,3kg, PREMIUM PR:OProtective Covers Made of water-repellent, extremely tear-resistant nylon, these thickly padded covers afford excellent protection for the PA en route to and from gigs. Есть всепогодный вариант. VR11210 Инсталляционная двухполосная акустическая система серии Vortis, динамики 12″ и 1″, три варианта поворачиваемого рупора (60 x 40, 90 x 55 и 60-90 x 55 градусов). Цвет черный, возможен заказ другого цвета. The subwoofer incorporates a three-channel mixer, jack outputs for the two satellites, a stereo line output, and a link in/out socket for connecting another Nano system.

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