Коммуникатор эмерсон 475 инструкция

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Однако компания пробует себя и на рынке устройств — сейчас она представила роутер с поддержкой мобильных устройств под названием Norton Core. The new, intrinsically safe 475 Field Communicator extends beyond device configuration functionality to provide advanced device diagnostic and advanced troubleshooting capabilities in the field and on the bench, so users can work more efficiently. The HART Communicator uses the Bell 202 frequency shift keying (FSK) technique. Read HART PV function and smart transmitter digital output while measuring analog mA output. Since the original development of the HART Communication Protocol, Emerson Process Management’s hand-held field communicators have been the industry standard in protocol-based communications. Other part numbers are available to order but are not currently in stock.

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