Carbon scatter инструкция по активации

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This mimics the need in the M1A1 to handle that weapon via some internal hand cranks which gives the commander better protection but makes the handling more complicated. The commanders GPS extension can remain slaved to the gunners sights or he can override the gunner. Commanding a whole company that is spread over a wide front easily can become a confusing experience once the enemy starts picking your units away. Тем самым просто вернуться на сток не проделывая танцев с бубнами над SP FT.ИзмененияИзменения малы. The commander also can access the GPS extension (TIS), which in this tank is not necessarily being shown in full screen, but also in form of the monitor being embedded in the 3D interior graphics and it works. You have reached the hair-raising phase of the battle now!

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