Alinco dj-v47 инструкция

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This manual is a «generic» type for the «V» series — DJ-V17 (2 meters), DJ-V27 (220 mhz) and the DJ-V47 (440 mhz). I would assume that the firmware is about the same for all three models. You may select 1 of 4 autodialer memory channels. Then push the «SCAN» key to start scanning the ARM memories. 13.6 SCANNING TYPES Busy Scan (No Display) — Stops at busy frequency or channel until clear, then resume scan. Это уровень девиации частоты передатчика, чувствительность приемника в трех точках (на краях диапазона и в его середине), максимальная и пониженная выходная мощность. The spacing between the keys is wide enough for most of us guys so that we hit only one key at a time.

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