Durma ad-r-30320 инструкция

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With roller technology are possible not only on straight geometries but also on curved and round areas. Каталог товаров Главная / Листогибочные прессы ЧПУ и УЦИ / Листогибочные прессы с ЧПУ / Вертикально- гибочный пресс Durma AD-R 30100 с ЧПУ Данные актуальны на 04.28.17 Видео пока не загружено Сохранить в соцсетях В наличии, уточняйте у менеджера. For labeling and identification purposes, a marking feature is included. There is no stand-by electrical consumption and also the cooling requirements are only a fraction of the ones for a CO2 laser. Holddowns are provided to ensure that the plate is held firmly along the length of the cutting area. The PL is equipped with well known, reliable, and readily available components.

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