Host-tracker инструкция

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This could be good information for a network administrator to enforce the use of a corporate Tracking Protection List. Code style guidelines[edit] Further information: Continuous integration/Entry points#Testing PHP We encourage MediaWiki style or PHP PSR-2, but the most important things are clarity, consistency, and best likelihood of adoption by the library’s developer community. See Continuous integration/Entry points for how to configure these. On-wiki documentation[edit] Libraries should have a brief page on documenting their purpose, history, and related links. Tim Starling (talk) 21:45, 14 Jan 2015 (UTC) This originated as a request for comment, «Guidelines for extracting, publishing and managing libraries». The decision was to move this page out of the RFC space and improve it as documentation. You might also want to consider including standard warranty disclaimers in your notice. Parameter data can be either static, where you specify set strings to send as the parameter data, or it can be arbitrary fields of arbitrary components attached to a provided GameObject.

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