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While mechanically crude in many ways with manual choke, points ignition and live axle it became Canada’s bestselling car that year. A cut rate price Chevrolet Chevette is probably an accurate comparison. Обладая этим авто, я увидел, что значит настоящая корейская сборка: добротно и качественно, на долгие годы. Also read: The history of the cheapest car in North America Up front, the first generation of Hyundai Pony to hit Canadian shores had uprated bumpers and rectangular headlights. You could think of the initial run as securing a beachhead for the company, and it’d be best if you now picture Hyundai Ponys re-enacting the opening scene from Saving Private Ryan, as that’s pretty much what the attrition rate was like. Минусы: Буквально вчера случилась первая беда за 3 года, ездил я на машине пол дня, все было хорошо, но ближе к вечеру двигать стал троить, очень сильно стали плавать обороты, при переключении передачь дергалась. Despite selling some 20,000 examples in 1984 and 25,000 more in 1985, you hardly ever see one of these cars on the road today.

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