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Вид эпиляции Сухая/ВлажнаяКоличество эпиляционных пинцетов-48Плавающая головка ПодсветкаКоличество режимов скорости-1Время непрерывной работы от аккумулятора, минут 30 5 насадок, щетка для очистки, футляр Категория: Техника для красоты и здоровья Брэнд: Panasonic Тип техники: Эпилятор. Panasonic recommends filing your feet every 2 weeks and replacing the file after 1 year. LED Light The light allows you to see any hairs that you have missed. This is a 40-tweezer epilator which uses stainless steel discs as the tweezers. It has the standard two speeds, with the slower one better for sensitive areas like the underarms. Its super compact size makes easy to travel with. It comes with a traveling pouch to store the epilator and its attachments, but the pouch feels a little flimsy. With this feature alone, you will find that you get smoother results. We wished that the previous model offered multiple speeds and this time Panasonic has included two different speeds. Panasonic 360째 Quick prevents creasing by enabling you to iron smoothly in any direction, greatly reducing ironing time and energy to keep your laundry pile under control. At the end of the day this means greater efficiency, time and energy savings.Linear Motor Drive Smooth and clean shaving.

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