Инструкция на револьвер reck mod.9 mm k

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Here is my latest addition. It was adopted yesterday. The first 50 rounds through the gun were a variety of JHPs, which it ran with absolutely no problem. Эффективная дальность применения газового оружия различается в зависимости от конкретной модели оружия, типа используемых патронов, метеоусловий, но не превышает 2,5—3,5 метров. The Shield line is thin enough to conceal. Accuracy is very good for the segment. As with any pocket semi-auto like this, the thin width of the grip lends itself to the gun pivoting left and right in rapid fire situations. Or, if you have large hands like me, you’ll have to do some readjustment with every shot. Can you tell I like it? My favorite EDC is my new Glock 43! What I love:SUPER slim – I used to carry a Sig P938 and have bulging issues.

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