Starlink avl инструкция

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Highly cost effective and versatile vehicle tracking device mainly used in Fleet Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) operations. Once you purchase the GPS system, it’s pretty easy to install it. StarLink Tracker is compatible with most vehicle types and complies with automotive, radio and safety standards worldwide (StarLink Tracker3G for North America and Australia).The Tracker is highly recommended for use in security, fleet management, insurance, rental and leasing service companies. With design and manufacturing facilities located across North America and Europe, and sales and support teams located around the globe, we are uniquely positioned to satisfy the most demanding engineering challenges. You will no longer be able to be tracked by any GPS device, including the GPS in your cell phone. Our global team of 1,500, including more than 500 engineers across every discipline and market, leverages our massive inventory of equipment and collective knowledge to constantly set new standards.

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